Uniting Climate enlivens the Uniting Church community in their care for God’s creation and action for a safe climate future for all, as an integral part of faith and discipleship.

We take seriously our human responsibility to care for the whole of creation now, and for future generations. As God’s creation we value the natural world for its own sake, not only for its material benefit to us.

We accept the clear evidence, based on the best scientific knowledge, that global warming poses a serious and growing threat to the world and all its life, which requires a decisive and urgent

While global warming poses an enormous challenge, it also provides our nation (and all nations) with an historic opportunity to transition to a more sustainable and equitable future based on renewable energy.

Our government has a dual responsibility both to keep our nation and its inhabitants safe, and ensure its prosperity and the opportunity for all its citizens to flourish. We also have responsibilities to ensure climate justice for our community and our global neighbours, particularly our near Pacific neighbours.

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