Uniting Climate Action Network

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The Uniting Climate Action Network is a way of connecting, encouraging and supporting Uniting Church members already taking environmental and/or climate action and others interested in doing so.  It affirms that care for creation is an important dimension of Christian faith and discipleship and an integral element of the church’s mission. Through UCAN we will:

  • Join together to articulate and act on our faith-driven care for creation
  • Learn about and be supported in action as part of the Synod Climate Action Strategy
  • Affirm the diversity of environmental concern within our congregations and communities and connect with others who share similar concerns
  • Draw from the wisdom of First Nations and Pasifika peoples understanding of care for country
  • Take part in building relationships, sharing resources and training for effective action, that grows our ability to work for positive change.

The Uniting Church has been committed to the well-being of the environment since its inception. That commitment stems from our belief that God is the Creator of the world in which we live and move and have our being. The church’s environmental action has often arisen from the concern of congregational members. The Uniting Climate Action Network is a way to continue that heritage of grassroots environmental care and action.

UCAN has an important role in giving grassroots expression of the Synod Climate Action Strategy as well as other environmental concerns of its members. The Uniting Advocacy Team will play a supportive role in the network, holding occasional meetings, coordinating communication and hosting workshops and training.

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